View Full Version : Selling some tools from the shop

12-19-2009, 08:32 AM
It's come time to clean house here at the shop and get rid of some tools that were purchased and either never used or lightly used.

I have a Delta BS100 9" band saw with a new blade barely used. Info about this saw can be found here...

http://www.amazon.com/DELTA-BS100-Sh.../dp/B00006JZZT (http://www.amazon.com/DELTA-BS100-Shopmaster-9-Inch-Bench/dp/B00006JZZT)

I purchased this saw a year ago to cut Plexiglas but it was used for only 2 small projects and worked excellently. The shipping weight on this is 43lbs. I'm free and open to conversation on how to get it to you but for my business, I use UPS ground. I'm asking $100 for it as it has all its parts, was barely used and has a brand new blade.

The other tool I am listing today is a Gear Driven Ring Roller. It's capable of rolling 1/4" steel round bar and flat plate up to 3/16" x 1" perfect for making steel rings for welding to the inside of your UDS for the weber lid mod.


I bought this tool about 6 months ago for a job and never ended up using it for said job. I did feed a piece of 1/4" round bar through it to play with the radius settings but never had a use for it in my shop.

I'm asking $50 for this tool.

If you have questions about anything here, I'm watching this thread, you can pm me, email me (bnevel@huntingdoncocustoms.com), or call me