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04-22-2009, 08:33 AM
So, not just to add comments to other threads, I thought I'd throw one out.

I've been competing about 5 years, last couple only about 5 or 6 contest (too many things going on, family comes first)

One thing I'm known for over the last 3 years is as a Pork Cook. I'd say my "average" pork for both butt and ribs is top 3.

So, in two contests this year, I've finished in the lower third with EXACTLY the same box.

It'll drive you insane, but both of those contests had mostly (if not all) certified judges.

Now I have friends in the other competitors and they're always wanting samples. You know, some guy comes up, says my porks sucks, what does the good stuff taste like.

At Enid, three MULTI winners all came over and tasted.

The comments were "money" "awesome" and "when will you have a class"?

Feeling good, right?

Last weekend the pork scored 40 out of 46?


What pork where THEY looking at. :shrug:

But, the moral of this war story is I'm not going to sweat it, I'm going to cook it exactly this same way as it's a proven winner and chalk this one up as a Sacrifice to the BBQ gods.

If you go chasing Judges rhyme or reason for what they do, then you will go crazy.

We'll see what happens at Claremore :msn-wink:


Butt Lover's
04-22-2009, 09:06 AM
Russ - It was nice to meet you last weekend. I came over and said hi while you were talking to Stu.

I was supprised when I was talking to some of the judges after it was over and their comments. Alot of them seemed to think the entries were too spicey. I didn't think any of them were spicey. The ribs served dry were not taken well, judges commented that they thought they were burnt. Shredded pork was not scored as high as entries that had sliced money muscle included.

Other than the chicken category most entries at my table were good and being a cook I found it difficult to give scores as low as some of the other judges said they gave.

I learned alot - and think I will stick to the cooking side from now on.

04-22-2009, 09:17 AM
Good to meet you too. Next time drop by on Friday, Saturdays are just too hectic.

And always good to meet another Pellethead.

Well, Enid, in the previous three years, always got comments about the scoring variations. This year they had a CBJ class, but newbies still judged the old way. A lot of newbie judges actually score low (they're scared of giving out good scores), that's my observation from the table side of thing.