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03-18-2009, 03:17 PM
Here is the story (http://www.dnronline.com/flavor_details.php?AID=11332&sub=Feature) that accompanies this recipe. Seems like an interesting recipe, I think I'll give it a try soon.

Dave Shirkey’s Chicken

˝ cup of peanut oil

2 cups of apple cider vinegar

4 tbsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper

2 tsp. poultry seasoning

1 tsp. garlic salt

1 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. MSG (optional)

Mix all sauce ingredients. Before cooking chicken, generously slather it with the sauce.

Prepare charcoal, using about one pound for every half.

Cook chicken about 24 inches from the coals for about two hours. Rotate chicken every half-hour or so and reapply sauce when you rotate. Chicken is done when the leg and wing easily rotate on the bone.

After the chicken is done, put it in a closed container with the remaining sauce and let it sit for at least a half hour.

Recipe makes 10 chicken halves.

03-18-2009, 06:54 PM
Thanks Joneser. That sounds very interesting. I will for sure give it a try. Every September we cook about 400 halves for our Fire Dept Fundraiser and I'm always looking for a better way or different taste. We will try this later this month and see how it turns out. :sign0092: