View Full Version : So, is it just pretty much Royal Oak now?

10-15-2015, 04:15 PM
With the demise of Ozark Oak, what are you all using now? I can get the Royal Oak lump at walmart (Yes, I know, but I can get it). Any other competitors brands that you are happy with? I sure do miss my Ozark Oak!

10-16-2015, 01:50 AM
I'm going between cowboy brand hardwood lump and Stubs briquettes, both from Lowes the cowboy brand is a combo of oak and hickory. I'll mix in the briquettes on longer cooks and throw chunks on top for smoke.

10-16-2015, 07:17 PM
I use Royal Oak almost exclusively in my drum and grill.

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10-17-2015, 12:28 AM
I use Best Choice lump. It's Royal Oak in a different bag, sold by AG stores, Apple Market, Country Mart, Price Chopper, others.

10-17-2015, 08:35 AM
Mike is spot on. In Oklahoma, they have it at Homeland, sold as "Best Choice". Also, "The Good One" sold at Ace is decent.

10-18-2015, 06:24 AM
We never had Ozark Oak in the Houston area. Plenty of other good stuff here. I use HEB private label mesquite or Central Market (another HEB brand) brand oak or mesquite. All good and cheap.