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06-16-2014, 09:45 PM
The owner of Double Q called me today, hadn't talked to him in a good bit.
He said he is going to sell his rub and sauce business (he's 71) and the boat he lives on on the Mississippi up Illinois way. Gonna buy a Harley and ride with a friend. :msn-wink:
He has sold all the sauce he had but has a few cases of Double Q Rub on hand. If you would like some of the rub you can order off his website -
Last chance to get it unless someone buys it and markets it.

The business is going to be offered on the KCBS website first.

06-17-2014, 02:47 AM
Gonna be a land cruiser huh? Thanks for the heads up Mike.

Love Peace and No Chicken Grease

10-21-2017, 12:07 PM
Hey Mike, have you bought the recipes yet?

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10-22-2017, 11:57 PM
Nope. I'd like to though.