View Full Version : smokin ribs tomorrow

08-22-2008, 08:29 PM
as promised thats what im doing on sat. but a quick question first, i have a ton of cider that is not treated it has been just put through a drter (so to speak) its just cider except that some may be wet now, if i throw it through the saw and cut it in little pieces is it ok to stoke the fire, as appoused to using 600 brickettes???? let me know asap as im going ahead with it on sat and looking for a better way to get the box hotter with out using so much brickettes!!! or is cider frowned apound, i heard it could cause cancer if you use it indoors etc etc. let me know as i dont want to do another boo boo like the stuffing.:sign0092:

08-22-2008, 08:45 PM
Do you mean Cedar? As in western red cedar? Do not smoke with it. Coniferous trees are not to be smoked with. Some one here will tell you the technical reasons better than I can, but don't do it. They contain all kinda bad stuff

08-22-2008, 08:53 PM
yup its cidar, oops not cider (mmmm) so thats a boo boo too, hence why i ask the questions, so no???