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09-09-2013, 03:43 PM
Smoked Paprika & Salt

I have a couple of recipes that call for smoked paprika and as I purchased some Hungarian style half-sharp powdered paprika on a recent trip to the USA, I decided to smoke some of it.

Since I was going to use the cold smoker, I decided to do some salt and cheese at the same time.
The cheese photos will be in a different thread.

Statistics for the initial smoke ;
Smoked for 1 hours with Oak & Sweet Acacia
Minimum temperature : 82F
Maximum : 88F
Average : 85F

I have not ground the sea salt yet to find out if it is smoky enough for my taste but after waiting a week before tasting, the paprika was not smoky enough, so I gave it another smoke.

Smoked for 1 hour with the same wood
Minimum temperature : 75F
Maximum : 97F (it got away from me)
Average : 87F

I will let it sit for a week again before tasting

Everything installed in the smoker :

Closeup of the paprika :

Closeup of the sea salt :

The salt after the cold smoke a little color change but not much :

No after picture of the paprika it did not change color.

Thanks for looking.