View Full Version : Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue

02-25-2013, 12:29 AM
★★★★ (Another 4.5 star possibility)
Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ
Martin City
13441 Holmes Rd
Kansas City, Mo
The Plaza
4747 Wyandotte St
Kansas City, Mo
Freight House
101 W 22nd St
Kansas City, Mo
Overland Park KS
9520 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, Ks

They have 4 locations across the metro. And they are all usually pretty busy during lunch and dinner. They are the "Formal" aspect of the BBQ industry.
The definately serve up great meat and provide a great dining experience at all of their restraunts. The wait staff is what you would expect from that level of restraunt.
The Cheesy Corn seems to be mentioned in every review I have seen written. People that have milk allergies may wan to be careful (they are full of cream). I should also add they have great deserts.
Unlike a lot of other BBQ joints they have a full scale bar, a nice glass of burbon makes the wait time much easier!

The downside would be the price. You get what you pay for. Dont be shocked when you get your bill.