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  1. Pellet Heads Rule!
  2. New Pellet Head here.
  3. Traeger less
  4. Up in smoke
  5. Speak up Pellet Heads
  6. Why I Choose Traeger
  7. Pellet Storage
  8. Pellets
  9. The new charbroiler
  10. Traeger Trouble
  11. Fast Eddy Pellet Grill
  12. Bbq075
  13. The Tough Ones Never Rest
  14. Links for different brands of Pellets
  15. Fec-100
  16. My Next Pellet Pooper?
  17. The NEW Traegers
  18. My New Baby Comes Home
  19. Getting More Smoke out of your Pellet Pooper
  20. GMG Jim Bowie First Impression
  21. FEC 300 Mobile
  22. FEC Sirloin strip, speargrass, and twice baked
  23. Sizzle Q on a GMG Product Review
  24. Green Mountain Grills
  25. Memphis Pro Wood Fired Grill
  26. A new resident at the Okie Ranch
  27. My first Pellet smoker on the way ( It's a cold smoker )
  28. Added a auger run light to my Traeger
  29. Green Mountain in Sapulpa for $250--someone grab it!
  30. I Just Love Fathers Day, Let The Bashing Begin...
  31. Treager BBQ300 enough smoke now
  32. Hey Cabinetmaker
  33. This is the Control System I setup and us on my Traeger 070 Smoker.
  34. PID Controlled Traeger/Masterbuilt Combo.
  35. Royall RG 2000 Smoker
  36. Savannah Stoker II Prototype Installed in my Royall RG 2000
  37. A-MAZE-N-TUBE SMOKER in the Royall 2000 Pellet Smoker
  38. Santa brought me some Pit Bling
  39. Chicken Thighs, 12 year old Grandson and a Savannah Smoker II Controlled Pellet Grill
  40. Rock’s Stoker Interfaced with the SSII Managing my Royall Pellet Smoker
  41. New GMG Jim Bowie - First Cook
  42. **Pellet Pro Stacker Ring for Weber Smokey Mountain**
  43. **Pellet Pro WSM test cooks** Part II
  44. Made the switch
  45. GMG or similar with a rotisserie?
  46. Blaz'n Grill Works Grid Iron 2nd Test-Ribs
  47. Blaz'n Grid Iron Controlled by Savannah Stoker IV Interfaced with Rock's Stoker