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  1. Funnel Cakes
  2. batters
  3. Fryer modifications (at YOUR own risk)
  4. Crab boil with modded fryer, hehehe
  5. How to Trash your Turkey Fryer...
  6. Turkey Fryer Burner Rec's
  7. Anybody ever make Spanish Fries?
  8. fried turkey pieces
  9. Too cold to Q Fried Chicken
  10. Whole Cajun Fried Clucker
  11. Fish and Chips
  12. Smelt and sweet tater fries
  13. big easy
  14. You know you might have a problem.....
  15. Fried Peppers, Maters & Hushpuppies
  16. It came today!
  17. Spring roll party (Cha Gio)
  18. Super-Chef Deep Fryer
  19. R&V works fryers