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  1. Backwoods
  2. Backwoods Smokers
  3. My new Backwoods
  4. Pigbutts ribs
  5. Cozs charcoal burner
  6. The Piglet Cometh!
  7. My Stumper Clone
  8. Spicewine smoker
  9. first cook on my new Backwoods
  10. stumps gravity
  11. New Line of Smoker Hitting the Market
  12. Still workin on new cooker
  13. Macon and the Superior Smoker
  14. New BWS Party
  15. Spicewine fire grate and maze
  16. Getting Closer
  17. Bubba-Q Keg
  18. Color me super Impressed
  19. Raichlen's cooking on a Competitor!
  20. Backwood Dealer in Tulsa
  21. Well I sold my ext party
  22. 375 on the Backwoods
  23. First thoughts on the Bubba Keg
  24. can't find exactly what I want so i'm going to build it
  25. Now the Agonizing WAIT!
  26. 4 bone rib roast on the Backwoods
  27. Best learned lessons are the dumbest.
  28. Spicewine
  29. Bubba Keg on sale
  30. Nachos-before and after
  31. Insulation
  32. Gravity Fed smoker
  33. Using Wood in a Stoked Backwoods Party
  34. New Fatboys for sale.....
  35. Stoker Conversion for Backwoods Party
  36. Got My New Backwoods Party, and Ready to start Smokin'
  37. Well On to the Next Question
  38. Well, at long last!
  39. This just in.....
  40. Backwoods or Stumps..?
  41. WTB Backwoods Party or Similar
  42. need a smoker
  43. WOO HOO!!!! I just bought one of these
  44. The CTO has arrived
  45. New CTO fire basket
  46. Suzie Q got a new coat!
  47. **My New Toy!**
  48. **First cooks on the Gater** PICS!
  49. **Beefin' on the Gater!!**
  50. Playin' around with the Gater!
  51. Fire brick Fuse burn with the BWS Gater
  52. **New spinners for the Gater!**
  53. **Chicken & Tri-Tip on the BWS Gater**
  54. Bws air intake question
  55. new smoker day
  56. G2 Party due to my door step by 11:00 tomorrow
  57. New Backwoods Gater
  58. fat side where?
  59. Smoker racks
  60. Pitmaker Vault
  61. XXL Basket for G2 Party -- Maiden Voyage
  62. The Assassin, Backwoods Fatboy, or Pitmaker Safe
  63. New Rig
  64. New smoker on order!
  65. Backwoods Smoker question
  66. New Smoker
  67. Building by ear!